Are you missing a trick ignoring video marketing?

When it comes to selling a product or service, four times more customers would rather watch custom animations, instructional videos and promotional videos about the product than they would read the same information.

In recent years, the world of video has exploded, from Youtube to Instagram stories, Snapchat and Facebook Live, every man and his dog is watching, making or playing videos in one way or another.

With that being said, we still find some clients are reluctant to invest in video content, or just don’t see the value in it. This is strange when we know that statistically, 65% of watchers watch more than three-quarters of a video, which pales in comparison to their text-based counterparts.

Doesn’t it seem like a natural jump that when you have an exhibition stand, using promotional videos to showcase your brand-new product rather than just print assets or POS displays would generate more interest in your stand and the product itself? Something in motion such as animated design is more likely to catch the attention of a passer-by than something static ever would.

When you are posting to your social media channels, wouldn’t a short instructional video explaining the product in a visual way be more useful to clients than simply redirecting them to an overview page on your website? If you think about your own personal social media use, do you find it’s videos that stop you from scrolling through pages more than a static image?

It may seem like an investment to begin with, but research shows that 74% of users who watched promotional videos explaining a product, ultimately went ahead and made a purchase. This can really help with brand recognition too and will build up more brand awareness for you the more your video content is seen.

We often create targeted e-shots for our clients to send out to their client base and they can sometimes be disappointed when the engagement or traffic back isn’t what they had hoped for. Did you know that using the word ‘video’ in an email subject line can boost open rates by 19% and clickthrough rates by 65%? Adding instructional videos, promotional videos and custom animations is definitely something worth considering here! You could even have a landing page on your website to redirect people to and for them to refer to in the future.

Marketing of any type is very much linked to emotion and building trust and relationships with a brand’s customers, ultimately leading them to purchasing from you again and again. Even with the best copywriting skills in the world, it can still be difficult to create a sense of emotion just through the written word, or to even get noticed (especially on social media, with everyone fighting to be seen). Video is different and adds a whole new level of engagement. Through instructional videos, promotional videos and custom animations, you can utilise visuals and sounds to create an engaging piece of promotional material to draw the consumer in and explain your brand and products in a whole new way!

If that hasn’t convinced you that promotional videos are worth the investment, we don’t know what will. So, next time you dismiss the idea of a video campaign, look back at the statistics and see if you think it would be worth a try for your next graphic design or marketing campaign.