Do I need brand guidelines?

What are brand guidelines?

Brand guidelines define the brand identity and contain the rules for presenting a brand’s assets. They are important as they help to maintain consistency across all communication materials, regardless of who works on them.

What do brand guidelines contain?

Brand guidelines include elements such as your logo design and any variations, your corporate colour palette, typography, graphic elements, and examples of application in design for print and digital design.

The detail that goes in to each section entirely depends on your needs. Some brands may need a rigid set of rules and others will only require a basic guide to use as a reference. Regardless of the detail, the style guide will be the singular reference used for any future design or marketing project.

For example, if you need a website design refresh or are simply looking to have a set of sales presenters made up, the brand guidelines will contain the information a designer would need to create something consistent.

As you use it, you will learn which elements are most important to you, and information can always be adjusted and developed over time. If you find you are starting to attend more exhibitions, the style guide could develop to include the custom exhibition stands you have had designed, to ensure future exhibition stand design is recognisable with a similar style.

What can brand guidelines do for me?
  1. Consistency is key

    Your brand is so much more than just a logo. The most recognisable brands have a consistent set of supporting materials, and all new collateral fits in with the brand identity. With a set of brand guidelines you are giving your brand its best chance at becoming memorable and standing out from your competitors.

  2. Set a standard from the start

    If you are going through a rebrand, creating a style guide is an excellent way to communicate the new look and feel across your company. It can help to avoid any confusion with existing collateral relating to the old logo design and brand identity.

    They are also a great way of introducing new employees to your company and its values, to provide them with guidance to communicate the correct message.

  3. Develop over time

    Brand guidelines can help you to stay on track with your brand values as new products or services are introduced over time. They will make it easier to maintain your brand’s image and to remain consistent.

    If you regularly review your brand guidelines as your business grows they can be added to in order to allow for any changes or developments you make, in order to make sure you can build a long-lasting and strong brand identity.

If you’re looking for a creative graphic design agency to create your brand guidelines or for advice regarding any other stage of the branding process, get in touch with us today.