So you want to be a graphic designer?

As September is the start of the new academic year, our graphic designers have clubbed together to come up with their best advice for those currently studying graphic design.

If you don’t understand, ask questions

This can involve other designers or clients. If you ask questions you can often make the job much easier for yourself, and save wasting time. Other designers may notice something you’ve overlooked, which again will just improve the end result.

Your own personal taste may not always fit the brief

University projects are worlds apart from live briefs as you are designing for someone else. It’s important to really get into the mindset of the brand you are designing for to come up with something that suits them.


Whenever you are out and about, you will notice that design is absolutely everywhere. If you come across anything you love, a brochure, a business card, a piece of direct mail, collect it.

You can do this digitally too, sites such as Pinterest are fantastic for pinning together ideas and designs you find online and think will be useful to you for future projects. If these are organised into sections or by sector it will make it really easy to reflect on as you need them.

Use your down time effectively

If you’re ever faced with down time, it can be so useful to keep yourself up-to-date with new graphic design trends or software updates. It can be too easy to stick to what you know at the beginning, but design software is constantly improving and it is so beneficial to keep up with it.

Say yes

It can be great to work on something you’re not used to or have never done before. You might find you really enjoy something you never thought you would! Look at new projects as ways to develop your skills and yourself as a designer, rather than whether you have lots of experience already.

We hope our words of wisdom are useful if you’re just starting out, or still studying graphic design. Just throw yourself into every opportunity you are given and you will soon see the benefits.