A Guide to Virtual Events

With many events being cancelled, from local exhibitions to global congresses, a large percentage of businesses have created virtual events to replace the physical events they can no longer attend.

At Partnership Design, we have had to adapt, as the exhibitions we had been contracted to work on suddenly weren’t possible. One of our regular clients challenged us to come up with a way of reaching their audience virtually, something that would stand out amongst the competition. With this in mind, we spent time developing our in-house 3D design skills and created a unique 3D Virtual Campus, fully interactive and rich with content. Working with our developer, we were able to supply a Drupal website with a tag-on 3D interactive experience. This has already proven to be a valuable asset for our clients and has opened the door to many online opportunities for them.

By now, you have probably had your fair share of virtual meetings, and heard the phrase “you’re on mute” one too many times! But as your business adapts to a more digital work place, there are many tools you can use to promote your business online from hosting a webinar to virtual events. Having a stronger online presence, may even cost less, and have a further reach in terms of your audience.

Start with your website

There are many things you can do to create a successful digital presence. But be sure to start with your website, as this will be the main point of contact for many of your clients and should have relevant information about how your business has responded to the pandemic. Simple things such as making sure your opening hours are up to date should not be overlooked.

Virtual expo

Many event organisers have already moved their services online, and you can still attend many of your usual exhibitions and shows. You can upload your own content and logo, and some can even upload graphics to a 3D exhibition stand.

Custom online experience

Why not go one step further, and host your own event online?
There are many ways to create unique digital experiences, from interactive games, to 3D environments that your clients can explore, guiding them to learn more about your business and take actions.

Host a webinar

These are simple to setup, and can help you reach large audiences, and following with a live Q&A session can help encourage engagement. Tech troubles can be minimised by testing your systems ahead of the event and maybe even doing a dry run beforehand to ensure any speakers know what they need to do.

Social Media

Make use of social platforms to interact with your audience even when you can’t see them in person. Updating regularly will help you show up higher on sites algorithms and showing how you are adapting to working from home will help to keep your customers in the loop.

So whatever your business, there are many opportunities available to you. And with so many of us now working from home, there’s never been a better time to engage with your digital audience… they’re just a click away!