PDL – The Legacy

Partnership Design (known as PDL) was founded by our managing director Malcolm Proudlove. Originally a fine art student, Malcolm always had a passion for art and design, and although he was accepted into the Royal College of Art in London, he made the decision to join graphic design agency Robinson Lees in 1966. He worked happily there for many years until deciding to start his own company in 1991. 

In the initial years print and packaging design were at the forefront, with Malcolm famous for developing intricate mockups in the studio. He always took the time to research each client thoroughly and approached every project with enthusiasm and respect. His passion for design was infectious and he often brought in scraps of paper with ideas scribbled on them. 

Over the years, PDL has worked on a vast range of projects, more recently exhibition design. Malcolm’s experience in this area was invaluable. He loved to travel and always went the extra mile to ensure each installation was as the client wanted it, always staying to the end of the show to oversee everything. He had some great stories to tell after each event, usually involving him running to catch a plane! 

His personality was contagious, not only did he forge loyal, long standing relationships with our clients but also friendships too. For those lucky enough to work with him, he was a great teacher, the kind you don’t realise you’re learning from. He embraced change and always took the time to hear every team member’s point of view, his door was always open. Malcolm’s kindness and sense of humour created a family atmosphere where you would look forward to coming into work every day.

As we look to the future, the values he instilled will carry through everything we do. It’s rare to find a person with the qualities he had, but the relationships he developed will lead us into 2020 with more determination than ever to continue what he started almost 30 years ago.