Promotional videos as part of your social media strategy

Social media is continuously evolving, using promotional videos and imagery to promote your new website design is a great way to capture your customers’ attention. Here are some ways social media could benefit your business, and how having a graphic design agency can make this easier for you. 

Increase brand awareness 

As social media is evolving more and more each day, it is more important than ever to use it to your advantage to grow and develop your brand. Social media will increase your exposure, increasing brand visibility and awareness, and allow you to build relationships with consumers or even likeminded businesses.  

The social media accounts with the most impact will utilise a mix of both text posts and imagery, moving imagery such as promotional videos can be even better to capture the attention of consumers.  

Don’t add images to your social posts for the sake of it. An image from the news article that you’re linking to is a good example. Having a graphic design agency on board can work wonders. Our design team can help you get noticed on social feeds in line with your website design by creating a set of social media to accompany your posts.  

Impactful accounts will also have high levels of engagement, such as reposting from other users and replying to questions received.  

Promote new launches 

The perfect place to shout about your new product launch is across a range of social media channels. If you have a news article about it, you could link to this too. These posts are the perfect way to add imagery and promotional videos – which in turn will get more engagement than just a text post. 

Increase traffic to your website 

Posting on social media is a great way of directing traffic to your website. Especially if you are just starting out and have a brand-new website design. To start with, share one news article per week with your social media users. You will be able to find when and where your content is engaged with the most, which can highlight areas to change, or which social channel you should be linking from. This may lead to making changes to your website design to maximise the benefits.  

You’ll want to work out when is the best time to post too, as posting when your audience are most active on social media means the engagement of the post is likely to be higher. You may have to test out how your posts perform during different times and different days of the week. 

Lead generation 

Increasing brand awareness and the traffic to your website will add new ways of generating leads for potential consumers. Using targeted ads on social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn can also assist with this. 

Do you need the help of a graphic design agency with creating the visual content for your social media accounts? Contact us today.