Your next event: Shell scheme or space only?


So you’ve found an upcoming event that’s perfect and you’re excited about the opportunities it may hold for your business. It is important to get the exhibition design right and electing to work with a graphic design agency allows you to explore 3D visuals of your stand and sharpen your messaging. Your design agency can also suggest clever ways to introduce print and digital elements to your exhibition stand build that will get you noticed. 

The first step is to decide whether you want to order a shell scheme or space only stand and we hope to clarify the options available to you below. 

Some examples of these options are shown above.


Shell scheme

A basic shell scheme will typically include a series of grey, 1m wide boards to form the walls, carpet, lighting and fascia board that runs around the perimeter of your space with your company name on it. You can hire additional furniture, such as seating or desks if needed. Graphics can be printed by the organiser and installed in your shell scheme but you may need to organise the exhibition design yourself using a graphic design agency. A lot of exhibitors will bring roll-up banners to fill the space and take responsibility for dressing their stand themselves.

A shell scheme should be your cheaper option and even with a smaller budget, you can still deliver a strong message at the show. Just be mindful that there are limitations within this particular set up.


Space only

A ‘space only’ stand is just that – the event organiser will simply provide you with an allocated space, meaning that you can create a custom stand to your specifications and size. With this option, the possibilities are endless and working with your chosen graphic design agency or exhibition stand build company you will be able to create a completely bespoke stand, unique to you. Your dedicated Project Manager will guide you through the design process, providing 3D visuals which will allow you to envisage the space ahead of the event. 

Stands are typically hired but can often be purchased and stored for future use. This is particularly worthwhile if you have a number of events planned as you can re-use some of the items.

Overall, if the budget allows, a space only stand will give you a better-looking stand and your team a better space to meet with your customers. You can be more creative and improve brand awareness by choosing to work with a graphic design agency or exhibition stand build company that will streamline the whole process.

Whichever option you choose, it is important to understand the differences before purchasing to ensure it is right for your business. 

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