Three key levels of brand architecture

To put it simply, brand architecture is a way of organising a company made up of multiple sub-brands and the relationship between them. One way this can be achieved is through your print work, making sure your graphic design agency ensures your designs for print are working for your company.   

An organised brand structure will help each of the brands reach their own targets. It will help your audience relate to you and each of the sub-brands that mean something to them. Working with a marketing and graphic design agency can help you to realise and strengthen this knowledge. 

Branded House – One brand creates a single powerful image 

A branded house is also known as an Umbrella, Monolithic or Parent-Dominant, this type of branding features one master brand that extends to other products using the master brand name. It uses one main logo and branding style across all products and services. 

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Endorsed Brands – Leading with a strong sub-brand 

Endorsed brands can also be referred to as Blended House, this type of brand architecture consists of a parent company acting as an endorsement to each sub-brand. 

brand architecture, designs for print, graphic design agency 

House of Brands  

This type of brand architecture has a parent brand that is largely invisible to consumers. Each brand has its own name and personality and can even compete with other brands in the group and it builds equity in strong stand-alone brands. 

brand architecture, designs for print, graphic design agency

Why it matters 

With a brand architecture, you will know how to make your different sub-brands work together in order to benefit each other. This will create strong brand consistency as each of the sub-brands works together as well as focus on strengths specific to them. A graphic design agency can help with creating the collateral you need to ensure this consistency will work to the strengths of each sub-brands.  

You will be able to cross-sell across the various businesses, combining them into bespoke solutions for different situations in different markets. This will make your brand more flexible and increase your offerings to customers. With help from a graphic design agency, you can portray these solutions through designs for print and offer them to your customers. 

Improve the awareness of the links between sub-brands. Customers will understand how the sub-brands could benefit them when combined together. A stand out leave piece and designs for print could clarify this. 

Deciding on which type of brand architecture represents you is a really important part of the branding process and can help you to grow in the right direction, maintaining brand consistency and trust. If you are looking for a graphic design agency to help with the branding process or for help creating new designs for print, contact us today!