Top Tips for Working Remotely

Top tips for working at home effectively

A lot of us are based remotely at the moment, and whilst we may be used to this way of working every now and then, being at home full time can be a little daunting. It’s easy to get distracted by the little things so with that in mind, we’ve devised a list of top tips to keep your productivity and morale high during this difficult time.

1. Practice a regular sleep routine
Of course it’s going to be tempting to give yourself an extra hour or so in bed now you haven’t got to battle the morning commute, however, getting up at the same time and following the same routine every day helps to keep your body and mind on track. Why not go for a walk before you begin work, or read a book before bed. Maintaining a normal sleep routine will ensure your body is tired in the evening and allow you to get a full night’s rest, keeping you as healthy as possible.

2. Get dressed … and not just into your PJ’s
This is probably an obvious one, but actually making an effort to get dressed into ‘normal working clothes,’ has been shown to increase your productivity. Also, being in your pj’s all day blurs the lines between work and home and means you’re more likely to find it hard to separate the two. Get dressed for work as usual and when you’re done for the day, relax and get into your comfies!

3. Keep in touch
Phone calls are great, but sometimes (especially if it is just you at home), seeing a friendly face will give you a little boost and make you feel connected with the world around you. Make sure you keep in touch with your work colleagues and organise regular video updates to talk through ideas and ensure everyone is doing ok.

4. Try to schedule your day
It’s easy when you’re at home to put an extra wash on at 10am, or quickly whiz the hoover round, but try and schedule your work day the way you would in the office. If you fancy doing the cleaning on your lunch break that’s fine, but don’t let it creep into working hours or you’ll find yourself at 4pm, with a list as long as your arm and a long evening ahead.

5. Give yourself a break
The most important thing to remember is this is a very unsettling time for all of us and whilst it’s so important to be productive and keep going, making sure you look after your mental health is equally important. So remember to take regular breaks from your screen, switch off the news and take a moment for yourself.