What are the benefits of using a creative graphic design agency?

It’s a bit of a misconception within the business world that using an agency such as a creative graphic design agency is very expensive and that you are better off hiring an internal team to run all elements of graphic design and marketing for your business, including the creation of print assets and exhibition management.

We find that pretty much every day we refute that myth by working with all our clients in the most time conscious and efficient way possible, to help them meet all their graphic design and marketing needs.

Here are a few things you might want to think about when you are working with a creative graphic design agency in the future:

1. Cost

As we’ve said, having your own creative graphic design agency is often seen as an expense that can be done without, and simply managed in house. But do you have a highly trained graphic designer on your team who understands print specs for various print assets, is experienced in exhibition design, website build and packaging design?

If you are looking to hire someone with all those skills you are entering into a long-term commitment, all year round. What happens when you have a slower period and therefore don’t want to invest as much in your marketing budget? You still have to pay their salary. Or the reverse happens, and you take off and have loads of work to get through, will they be able to manage tight deadlines? Using an agency is a great way to invest in sides of your business such as marketing and graphic design without financially tying yourself to the commitment of an employee.

We (agencies as a whole) are also never in the business of ripping off clients. Without you we simply wouldn’t exist. Here at Partnership Design, we always go above and beyond and give as much as we can to help you achieve your goals and constantly seek areas that could improve or where we could help you further.

2. Knowledge

We did touch on this in the cost section, but agencies pride themselves, regardless of what sector they fall into, on having a strong team with a varied skill set, setting us apart from the skills of just one person.

We have been offering exhibition services, including exhibition stand design and exhibition stand setup for over 20 years. We know which venues offer the best rigging prices, allow you to have food and drink on your stand, or can be flexible with paperwork submission. We have relationships with conference organisers allowing us to sort all the legality and paper work for you, taking a lot of pressure off. We are also experienced in providing all the print assets and collateral you could need for your event, including printed leaflets and brochures and events.

That experience doesn’t come overnight, and we are more than happy to offer all this knowledge to our clients to help them with any exhibition event management project they are completing with us.

3. Partnerships

All agencies need to build relationships with other companies in order to thrive. Whether that be web development and hosting companies, or stand builders and printers, these relationships are built over time and often allow us to get better deals and time frames that someone going in cold may not get.

We love nothing more than being able to recommend and connect our clients with other businesses they can work with and we can vouch for the fact that the work will be exactly what the client wants.

So, if you are umming and ahing about taking the plunge and working with a creative graphic design agency on your next graphic design project why not give it a go and see if we can dispel all those myths you’ve heard in the past.