Is good catalogue design essential to promoting your brand?

Many traditional designs for print are moving to digital formats such as PDFs or online content. Although true, printed materials still hold a great deal of value for your brand. A great catalogue design can make your company stand out from the rest, so employing a graphic design agency can help create something unique and memorable.

Why designs for print stand out

Printed pieces can be more appealing to a customer than a PDF or email. With a worldwide focus on more sustainable solutions, a well designed catalogue or brochure will encourage your audience to retain the material. With an email, there’s a danger the information will be read and disregarded very quickly. The investment to create something more tangible can create the impression of a more established trustworthy brand.

While digital media can rely on movement and video to create interest, printed designs rely far more on useful and valuable content to create the right message and engage with its audience.

Your graphic design agency can add interest to your printed material with imagery, shape, colour and the use of different paper stocks, textures and finishes. Used sparingly, spot UV and foil blocking are both great ways to add another dimension to your designs for print. None of these methods can be replicated digitally!

Along with the physical elements mentioned above, professional photography can completely change the look and feel of your piece. Whilst having the advantage of being tailored specifically to you, it makes your offering more unique and interesting.


A well-designed catalogue can provide detailed information at a glance with references to your online presence throughout. The convenience of having the information to hand is a great way to engage with your customers, encouraging them to learn more about you.

Ensuring your catalogue design has a purpose for the best results

You need to consider the purpose of your designs for print in order to see the benefit. Is the point of the brochure or catalogue to direct customers to get in touch? Or do you want them to visit your website?

Where will your brochure be used or given out? Will these be posted out to customers? Or handed out at trade-shows or exhibitions? Are they for use by your sales force when meeting potential new customers?

The purpose of your printed material will affect the level of detail your graphic design agency uses on each page.

Brand recognition

Overall, consistency and frequency are paramount to raising the profile of your brand. Using printed materials as part of your overall marketing strategy can help strengthen your offering to customers, promoting sales and growth.

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