Reasons you need a ‘point of sale’ display

With floor space at a premium, it’s often easy to overlook the benefits of a product point of sale display.

Here are three reasons you should really think about adding one to your plan next year:

1. To give you additional floor space over other brands

This could be the most obvious answer, but essentially having a point of sale (POS) display means you have more space on a stand, space or shelf compared to your competitors, making you stand out more.

2. Additional space for a unique selling point (USP)

Packaging artwork is often very tight on space. More often than not you cannot cram on all the information about the product as you would like. This is where a POS display can be worth its weight in gold, as it gives you much more additional space to add key USPs or messages than just the product artwork would allow for, that help a customer make the decision to purchase your product over others.

3. Perfect space for a leave piece

Nowadays customers are savvy and often see new products on product displays in stores trying to steal the limelight. However, if you add a take away leaflet on the stand with a coupon code or money off voucher, not only is the customer more likely to buy, they are also taking away more information about the brand and product.

From initial concept through to finished design we can create a suitable POS stand for your product range. We can even organise the manufacture of your POS working with our production partners. 

Contact us for eye-catching displays, for products big and small.