Do customers still value printed materials?

One question we often get from our clients is if we recommend the cost of print versus a digital version and the answer for us is simple, yes.

Now of course this does depend on the nature of the marketing material, but in short customers still very much value printed materials.

Product brochures, although they do take some time to create, are an invaluable resource for a sales team on the road, not only to talk through a range and be able to upsell products, but also to be left behind as a reminder of a visit. Once this brochure has been created there is no reason why the digital file can’t be uploaded to a website or emailed out, but having a printed version available to hand out or send out when a client asks, is something we always encourage.

How many mornings do you wake up to fifty plus sales emails clogging up your inbox? How many mornings do you wake up to fifty plus sales leaflets clogging up your letter box? Exactly.

A professional designed and printed piece of direct mail that is sent to the correct client database can have far more of an impact than an e-shot blasted out to thousands. Although the production costs may be higher, we always recommend our clients focus on at least one printed piece for every targeted campaign, to mix up the ways they interact with customers and try and target them in a new way.

Are you looking for help in capturing your customers attention with your next printed campaign?

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